spells by kj rothweiler


spells  lives in the interstitial state between dreaming and reality; ambient textures trace evanescent dawn light against the soft contours of sleep. Melodies shimmer into view and dissolve. The New York-based producer hides flashes of feeling within subdued landscapes, sparkling in the quiet depth. Glimpses of romance and loss hover just out of reach. As a filmmaker kj is inspired by the way soundtracks shape narrative from a place beyond language. wake takes a cinematic approach to the people and places that live on the outskirts of memory. This is music from nowhere that can follow you anywhere.

music by kj rothweiler | kj38.bandcamp.com
photography by emile hengen
master by lawrence english
layout & design by ryan keane

© kj rothweiler, lost tribe sound & Monochrome Photography 2017