From Budapest with love.


I feel honored to be invited to participate in the international group exhibition "Contrast" (28th of july - 23rd of august 2016) at the magnificent PH21 contemporary photography gallery in Budapest.


Two photographs of my analog work "Philharmonie" have been selected by juror Zsolt Batori, philosopher of art, photographer and founder of PH21 gallery, to be shown in the exhibition.!contrast-1/bzznr




Contrast | group exhibition

PH21 gallery

28.07. - 23.08.2016


H-1092 Budapest

Raday u. 55.

Wed. - Sat.: 3-7 PM and by appointment




Throughout the history of photography contrast has persistently remained one of the significant expressive features of photographic images. Indeed, since contrast is a powerful visual communicative means in both black and white and colour photography, many photographers use contrast in the most creative ways in their work. Contrast may constitute the key compositional feature of an image on the formal aesthetic level; it may also emphasize some of the important aspects of the content of the photograph.


(text & exhibition opening photos: PH21 gallery)




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